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Abandoned Permits

Written by: Guy Jeffress

On April 25, 2022, Prince William County Development Services, Building Development Division, issued Policy 1.03 entitled Abandoned Building Permits and Applications, and is in the process of auditing and revoking “abandoned” permit applications and issued permits. In general, an issued permit may be revoked if work on the site authorized by the permit is not commenced within six months after the issuance of a permit, or if the authorized work on the site is suspended or abandoned for a period of six months after the permit is issued; however, permits issued for plumbing, electrical and mechanical work shall not be revoked if the building permit is still in effect.

If current events including supply chain disruptions have delayed your project be sure to check the status of your permit applications and permits. The full policy along with a process flow chart can be seen below and found here https://www.pwcva.gov/department/building-development-division/abandoned-building-permits-applications.

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