“With Mike Vanderpool’s zoning and planning expertise, The Pyramid Companies were successful in establishing relationships within Prince William County and were able to effectively obtain site plan approval for the expansion of Manassas Mall.”

Stephen J. Congel CEO of Pyramid Management Group, LLC

“I reached out to Brad to represent me in a legal matter that could have resulted in unfavorable circumstances for my professional career. He immediately guided me through the legal process along with my options and possible outcomes. He was organized, professional and knowledgeable. I couldn’t be happier with the results made possible by his legal services.”


“Bob (Robert) has practiced these many years following what he observed from Judge Sinclair; he is always respectful of the attorneys and parties in a case; well versed in his subject matter; and always the consummate professional.”

Paul F. Nichols, Esq

“I had a reckless driving ticket for speed and needed an attorney. I contacted Brad, and he gave me clear instructions on what to do before the court and for my court date (a nerve-wracking experience for anyone). He is a miracle worker. All charges were dropped, the best possible outcome. If you want a great attorney, Brad is the man.”


“Brad was able to reduce my 6 point speeding ticket to a zero point ticket and save me from having my license suspended. He was easy to work with, replied quickly to all communication and kept me informed of everything that was happening. He got results that surpassed what I had even hoped for. Thank you Brad!”


“It’s interesting how I ended up hiring Brad as my defense attorney. I met him when he was a CA, but as soon as I found out he became a defense attorney, I knew I wanted no one but him to represent me for my case. He was great at communicating every step in the process, letting me know exactly what to expect, and got the job done quickly.

After hiring Brad as my defense attorney, I felt the anxiety go away, as knew I was in good hands. My response every time when friends and coworkers asked how I could be so calm about my case was this: “If there ever was an attorney to have in my corner for what I’m dealing with, he is it.” Everyone’s case is different, but even though mine was pretty odd and a bit difficult, Brad was able to sort out the mess and make sense of it all.

I highly recommend Brad if you’re looking for a professional, experienced, and dedicated defense attorney!”


Good customer service. Meghan Phillips managed to win my custody case, very good lawyer, always on the lookout for her very kind clients all the time, I recommend this law firm 100 percent. They are honest, what I like the most is that they know what they are doing and are always aware of their clients.

Jose Natanael Diaz Argueta

“Mr. Marshall was in short, amazing. I contacted him in panic off of a referral from a neighbor and within the first several minutes of our consult call, I felt at ease. My case had many administrative issues which caused delays: which was causing problems for my work. He was creative and innovative and obviously very effective in discussing with prosecutors because he was able to get my case dismissed several weeks earlier allowing me to move forward with some work. I fully recommend Mr. Marshall, and I really hope I don’t need his services again, but if I do I won’t hesitate to call.”


“On behalf of the Ebenezer Baptist Church, I am writing to say “thank you” for the legal services and representation you have provided the church over the many years. We deeply appreciate your unfailing attention to detail in servicing our account and, as important, for working with us on payment terms that were fair and reasonable. We are fortunate to have you as our legal team. Your staff is very professional and always provides legal advice that is in the best interest of the church. Please know that your high standard of quality service has not gone unnoticed.”

Rev. Dr. Charles A. Lundy

“When I first contacted Mr. Marshall he gave me three possible outcomes: a bad one, a good one, and an ideal one. In the end, he was able to secure the ideal outcome. Mr. Marshall was extremely proactive and took time to explore every possible avenue of action. He worked diligently to collect every detail of the case and was consistent about checking in with me to provide any updates. I never had to appear in court, and the charges were dropped. Couldn’t get much better. Thank you, Mr. Marshal.”


“Mr. Marshall got my case reduced dramatically. I was facing serious points and conviction on my DMV record and within 24 hours of hiring Mr. Marshall, he was able to get my case amended with no DMV conviction or points on my record and was able to keep me from having to appear in court. Mr. Marshall was very prompt in resolving this case and staying in communication with me constantly while resolving the issue. I would highly recommend Bradley and he will be the first call if the need ever arises again for a lawyer.”


“Kris, Thank you for the incredibly thorough and professional job you did conducting our investigation. We felt like our case was your priority …. The care you took to make our employees feel comfortable was appreciated. We feel confident in the decisions we made based on your findings and professional recommendations which you helped us discern through conversation.”

QMT Associates, Inc.

“Bradley helped me with a terrible mistake that I had made and was terrified for the outcome. With his experience and professionalism he helped me get the best possible result for my situation. He was very knowledgeable about different avenues on how to approach my incident. He took the time to check in on me from our first meeting all the way through court and now follows up with me. I would highly recommend his service to anyone.”


“Bradley Marshall was able to help me turn a reckless driving into defective equipment within a week of hiring him. The best lawyer I’ve ever dealt with and if I ever have traffic court again he’s gonna be the first one I call.”


“Bradley Marshall represented me for my DUI charge in 2020. I was unfamiliar with the process and he provided exceptional guidance throughout. He was both knowledgeable and understanding of my particular situation and I felt completely comfortable with him handling my case. Not only did he negotiate a favorable outcome for me, he has remained responsive and has continued to provide assistance even after the conclusion of the court case. I would recommend his counsel to anyone.”


“The lawyers at VFN have been helping our construction company succeed and grow since 2010. We have worked with Randy Frostick to prepare all kinds of contracts, negotiate disputes and protect our rights in lawsuits as he has helped us with our business and employment legal issues and construction disputes. …We highly recommend Randy Frostick and Mike Vanderpool to other business owners who want the best attorneys who really care about their clients”

Scott Walker President of SWDB, Inc.

“VF&N has been an integral part of our professional line up for the past seven years. When it comes down to litigation, I want no one else but Randy Frostick on my team. His legal knowledge and skills are superb and his actions on our behalf are bold, determined and effective.”

Dan Wight President of Mid Atlantic Construction Group

“I appreciate all the help from the attorney Olaun Simmons. Thanks to his help that he gave us during our judicial process where we could resolve our case in a satisfactory way. We were facing a zoning violation with Fauquier County due to not having a site plan for the property. In the process of creating the site plan for county approval there were multiple easements and deeds with other parties that had to be made and multiple court hearings to deal with since the county did not give us much of an opportunity to finish the site plan. Olaun did not put us to the side or lower our prioritization. He took our case with great care and always advised us on all possibilities. ”

Miguel Olazabal

“I have enjoyed a long term relationship with Mike and his team. Since I relocated to this area 30 years ago we have worked together on many successful projects thanks to him and his team’s skill & ability to get projects approved. I have always found them to be very professional, informed as to the issues relating to my projects and prepared when it came to presentations to boards, planning commissions and councils. They work well with the other outside professionals on my team and Mike is truly a team player. I highly recommend his firm and am convinced there are projects I would not have completed without their involvement.”

Ron Skarke

“Brad successfully got my reckless driving ticket lowered to a much more minor moving violation. We had multiple consults, he put together a game plan and executed on it perfectly. I would 100% refer Brad to anyone in a similar position. Well worth his reasonable fee!”