You saved my life. I can live free now. I am so grateful to have you as my lawyer. Thank you for all you did for me.

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status Client

“With Mike Vanderpool’s zoning and planning expertise, The Pyramid Companies were successful in establishing relationships within Prince William County and were able to effectively obtain site plan approval for the expansion of Manassas Mall.”

Stephen J. Congel CEO of Pyramid Management Group, LLC

Lisa is an amazing lawyer! When I first met her my husband was going through an immigration issue. She was able to meet me late at night, calm me down and say “She’ll handle this.” Because of the court backlog, my husband and I worked with Lisa on her immigration case for five years! My husband was applying for asylum and it was a difficult case, especially because of the immigration crackdown we have been experiencing. I am so happy God was able to put Lisa in our path, because otherwise my husband would have been deported. She is not just a lawyer, she an amazing human being and she takes her cases very seriously. She treats her clients as family — at least that is way we felt with her! God bless her always for the amazing job! Our life Changed for the best and it was because of Lisa’s help with our case! Thank you, Lisa, God bless you always!

Winning Asylum Client

My experience with the attorney Lisa was definitely amazing. I owe her more than I can give her, I am super grateful and thankful to have her. She kept all her promises when we needed an appointment. She always communicated with me and updated me about my case. She is an excellent attorney. It impacted my life because my kids were involved too. Lisa is very dedicated to her work. For me it has been very good because she helped me change my life. I would definitely recommend this firm and her services.

Winning Asylum Client

The truth is I am very satisfied with my attorney. Her services have been very good. It impacted my life in a good way because I am able to work and, in the process of getting my permanent residence. I would recommend her because she’s very dedicated to all her cases.

Winning Asylum Client and Applying for Permanent Residence

“Kris, Thank you for the incredibly thorough and professional job you did conducting our investigation. We felt like our case was your priority …. The care you took to make our employees feel comfortable was appreciated. We feel confident in the decisions we made based on your findings and professional recommendations which you helped us discern through conversation.”

QMT Associates, Inc.

The services have been marvelous and good, Lisa has been very good. I have referred people to her because of the great services. My case has been complicated and changed direction. She changed the case from asylum to a marriage-based case. There have been a lot of changes in my case that she has worked through. She’s an excellent attorney.

Asylum and Adjustment of Status Client

Attorney Lisa’s work was good. I would definitely recommend her. She shows she cares and is on top her client’s cases. She gives advice and opinions. She does not only work as an attorney but put herself in the shoes of her clients.

Winning Asylum Client

Attorney Lisa did a good job. I had lost hope with every attorney, but with the great job and experience Lisa has, I would definitely recommend other people seek her help.

Winning Non-Lawful Permanent Resident Cancellation of Removal Client

Attorney Lisa did a good job on my case. If I am able to recommend her, I will.

Winning Asylum Client

My experience with the attorney was good, she worked perfectly great on my case. My case impacted me positively because she did her job. Her firm worked as a team and it amazed me how hard they worked. Attorney Lisa even visits people that are detained. After getting out I have been able to get my work permit really quick. I think the work was done great.

Winning Bond Client

I am happy with the work the attorneys did on my case. I believe it is an excellent job. I am grateful to them. If I know anyone in need of advice from an attorney, I will definitely recommend them at Immigrants First, PLLC.

Winning Asylum Client

Lisa’s performance on my case was excellent. She gave me good advice and did a great work. She always had options and was optimistic. She was willing to fight and cared about my case. She did not want to give up on my case. I would definitely recommend her.

Winning Bond Client

“Bradley helped me with a terrible mistake that I had made and was terrified for the outcome. With his experience and professionalism he helped me get the best possible result for my situation. He was very knowledgeable about different avenues on how to approach my incident. He took the time to check in on me from our first meeting all the way through court and now follows up with me. I would highly recommend his service to anyone.”


I will never forget you. Thank you for all the hard work you put into my case, the hours of time we spent preparing. Thank you for being my lawyer.

Asylum Client

Asylum for Guatemalan Female escaping gang violence and rape – Arlington Immigration Court

“Olaun Simmons is smart, aggressive, thoroughly prepared and simply an outstanding attorney.”

Scott Nolan, Esq.

“Bradley Marshall represented me for my DUI charge in 2020. I was unfamiliar with the process and he provided exceptional guidance throughout. He was both knowledgeable and understanding of my particular situation and I felt completely comfortable with him handling my case. Not only did he negotiate a favorable outcome for me, he has remained responsive and has continued to provide assistance even after the conclusion of the court case. I would recommend his counsel to anyone.”


I want to take this opportunity to thank you for serving on the BEACON Board. We are so fortunate to have someone as passionate and dedicated to the immigrants in our community as you are. Thank you for always being willing to present to students on their rights and general immigration process. And, thank you for your guidance on how to handle our role in the current client/respond to one of the church’s concerns. I really appreciate having an immigration expert that I can turn to when I have questions and can help educate the board. I also wanted to thank you for your visionary thinking/questions during our strategic planning. You really helped to push me to dream big for our program, which is so valuable. Thank you for the many years you have committed to BEACON and for propelling us towards growth.

Executive Director of Beacon ESL Program Run by Benedictine Sisters

God bless you. With love from your friend and always we will be there for you and family too.

Client and her family saved from being split by deportation