Overview of Industry

Often complex commercial and residential transactions require legal counsel and maneuvering to close the deal with quality results and efficiency. Our real estate legal team is a collaborative group of real estate, land use, litigation, financing, leasing and commercial law professionals designed to counsel clients through all phases of a real estate transaction.

VF&N lawyers have represented regional and national firms and individual investors in real estate ventures throughout Northern Virginia and surrounding areas.

Regulatory Compliance

Increasing complexity in real estate has meant that more and more licensed professionals will run into problems with state, government or regulatory agencies. Our attorneys are well-equipped to advise our clients on the best strategies for dealing with regulatory complaints filed with EEOC, IRS or DPOR., fair housing claims, standards of practice, and investigations all the way through final appeal. A VF&N attorney can assist you in staying up to date on legal changes and establishing conscientious procedures at your company.

Breach of Contract, Misrepresentation Claims & Commission Disputes

No matter how careful you are, misrepresentation claims, breach of contracts, and commission disputes are commonplace among the real estate industry.

Prevent: Having a real estate attorney thoroughly draft transaction-specific contracts ( listing agreements and purchase agreements) that avoid vague terms is a strong base for avoiding these pitfalls.

Protect: Either as a plaintiff or defendant, it is important to have an experienced litigator capable of handling these claims as they can lead to significant losses to you and/or your client. A VF&N attorney can assist in filing or defending a claim and provide you with the legal guidance that to protect your interests.

Mitigate: If you are faced with a misrepresentation lawsuit the first thing to do is document every detail (if you have not already) and second is to seek legal counsel. The same goes even if you are not facing a lawsuit but realize you may have unintentionally misrepresented a property. There may be steps we can take that can mitigate your and your client’s risk.

Land Use Rights and Regulations

If your complex real estate transaction requires consideration of land use rights and use restrictions, bringing in a skilled attorney at this point can save your client thousands of dollars caused by permit delays, poorly negotiated loan terms, or post-closing encumbrances. We can assist with:

  • Negotiating terms of a loan with lenders
  • Filing for land use and zoning permits
  • Compiling due diligence and lender requirements reports
  • Outreach and coordination with experts like architects and surveyors
  • Reviewing construction contracts and delay provisions
  • Purchase agreements
  • Land use tax assessments


VF&N attorneys can advise your clients on the variety of legal issues that arise in leasing transactions. From negotiation and preparation to execution of commercial and residential leases, we are a trusted name in the Northern Virginia area.

  • Commercial Leases
  • Condominium and Homeowners Association matters
  • Landlord and tenant mediation and litigation
  • Performing “due diligence” for landlords relating to prospective tenants
  • Signage
  • Sublease agreements
  • Insurance requirements and banking regulations

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