Overview of Services

VF&N plans, negotiates, and delivers secured financing solutions for banks, credit unions, corporations, and individuals. When a borrower needs money, and the lender is willing to provide that capital, sometimes a written agreement is insufficient. The lender will want something more to account for the risk it is taking. One way to do that is through an interest rate. A safer method for the lender to account for its trouble (especially in an uncertain market) would be taking an interest in the borrower’s assets. Suppose the borrower agrees to provide collateral, such as real estate, personal property, a bank account, stock, etc. In that case, the lender has something of value if the borrower fails to repay the loan. VF&N counsels lenders and borrowers through due diligence, negotiation of financing terms, settlement, and recordation to clarify risk and obligations, provide creative solutions, and effectively plan for the future.

Our Virginia corporate financing attorneys also provide legal services to clients as borrowers, notably in the municipal, retail, religious institution, and commercial real estate industries.

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Services Include:

Borrower and Guarantor Representation Commercial Asset-Based Facilities Commitment Preparation and Negotiations Development and Verification of Funding Compliance Requirements Investment, Asset Management and Joint Ventures Lender Representation for Due Diligence, Document Preparation and Negotiation Litigation, Enforcement and Compliance Loan Financing and Structuring Mergers & Acquisitions Project Financing Public-Private Partnerships Securities and Stock Issuance Tax Exempt Financing Workouts and Restructuring

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