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An Experienced Appellate Lawyer for Appeals in Virginia
If you’re seeking an appellate lawyer in Virginia, it’s crucial to understand your rights. All criminal defendants and civil parties can appeal a circuit court’s final order to the Court of Appeals of Virginia. This right includes, but is not limited to, criminal convictions, final custody orders, and civil judgments.

Why You Need an Experienced Appellate Lawyer
Appellate litigation is fundamentally different from trial practice. Appellate courts apply various legal standards depending on the questions presented. Often, trial litigators are not equipped to handle appeals due to the unique nature of appellate practice. Therefore, finding an experienced appellate attorney is essential for a successful appeal.

Meet Collin C. Crookenden: Your Experienced Appellate Counsel
At VF&N, our appellate associate, Collin C. Crookenden, has extensive experience in guiding cases from pre-trial stages through the appeals process. Whether you need comprehensive representation from start to finish or solely appellate counsel after the trial, Collin is prepared to step in.

The Importance of Early Preparation for Appeals
Preparation for an appeal should begin during the trial to ensure every opportunity for success. It’s vital to choose the right legal team before going to trial, as your case must be well-prepared for appellate review. Even if the circuit court ruled in your favor, the opposing party has the right to appeal, making robust preparation crucial.

Collaborative Approach to Protect Your Rights
At VF&N, our civil litigation and criminal defense teams collaborate closely with Collin to protect your constitutional and statutory rights. They ensure that the proper arguments are prepared for appellate courts. If you decide to appeal the circuit court’s decision, Collin will represent you before the Court of Appeals of Virginia and the Supreme Court of Virginia, regardless of whether we represented you at trial.

Contact VF&N for Appellate Representation
If you need an experienced appellate lawyer in Virginia, contact VF&N. Our team, led by Collin C. Crookenden, is dedicated to providing exceptional appellate representation to protect your rights and interests.

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