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Meet the Staff: Kathy Sabey

Welcome back to our ‘Meet the Staff’ series where we are introducing the dedicated staff who work behind the scenes at Vanderpool, Frostick, & Nishanian to make the work our attorneys do for our clients possible! We take pride in our staff and the work they put in to ensure our business runs smoothly, often with little outside recognition. Today we are introducing Kathy Sabey – Kathy is a bookkeeper/ business manager at the firm whose love for numbers and warm personality have allowed her to flourish in her career.

About Kathy Sabey

Kathy has worked at VF&N for 11 years, where her duties have grown from accounting to include HR and financial reporting to senior partners. Whether she’s managing budgets, payments, attorneys’ licenses, employee payroll, taxes, or other records, her analytical mindset allows her to execute each of her responsibilities with finesse.

She’s had a lifelong love for numbers from majoring in math to tutoring her children and working at an accountant’s office prior to joining our firm. She even likes to play sudoku in her free time! When asked what it is about math that she loves, Kathy said she thinks it’s a natural inclination, “my brain just clicks with the numbers; I also love being able to check right away whether I’m correct.” She also said that she enjoys preparing the financial reports for the managing partners because it challenges her to look at the numbers from a different perspective and has a direct impact on the strategic direction of our business.

You may notice a theme because when asked about her favorite part about working here, Kathy immediately said “the people” and when I asked her to elaborate, she went on to say, “the respect everyone has for each other here makes it the best place I’ve worked; there’s no office drama.” She also mentioned that it’s nice to be close to home – no sitting in rush hour gridlock on 66. She’s saving that energy for her new grandbaby!