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Our team has deep expertise in immigration affirmative and defensive claims. Every day we win challenging cases for our clients, get our clients work permits, green cards through family-based petitions, humanitarian relief such as U visas for victims of crime, and Violence Against Women Act petitions for abused persons.  We have cumulative over 30 years of experience in immigration and are more than happy to help your family achieve your American Dream. 

A hallmark of our case preparation is that our filings in support of our client’s cases are so strong that we routinely win our cases based upon our evidence submissions, and our clients are spared the need to testify, and judges compliment our work.  Below are some of the wins we have had in the past month.


Natalie Babaniyi

Victory for Attorney Natalie Robinson Babaniyi and her client Roberto. After enduring years of violence in El Salvador Roberto has been granted Asylum and now has the opportunity to make the United States his permanent residence.

El Salvadoran Husband and Wife Granted Prosecutorial Discretion

In a case where the husband was facing persecution, terrorism, and serious crime bars to asylum, we were able to obtain prosecutorial discretion for him and his wife to stay in the United States.

Cameroonian Prince Wins Asylum

Lisa and the immigration team won asylum for a Cameroonian man who came from royalty and who was an English-speaking teacher and principal of a school.  He was severely persecuted on account of his political views and memberships in particular social groups that included family and English-speaking school teachers/principals. 

El Salvadoran Woman Wins Asylum

Lisa and her team won asylum for an El Salvadoran woman who had been gang raped twice and had a physically and sexually abusive childhood.  She reported the crimes against her to the police on at least two occasions.  She was granted asylum based upon her being a member of the social group El Salvadoran woman without a male protector as well witness to crime.  Due to the completeness of our filing, the Judge agreed to grant the case without testimony.

El Salvadoran Woman Wins Asylum

Another win for the VFN Immigrants First team:  An El Salvador woman was granted asylum for herself and her daughter on the basis of her membership in the social group of El Salvadoran women without a male protector.  Although this case was not strong on the facts, our thorough preparation and excellent brief won the day for this client and her daughter.


We won naturalization for a man who had waited many years to naturalize and now can proudly say that soon he will be a US citizen when he takes the oath.

Afghan Woman Senator Wins Asylum

Morsal, Meghan, and the VFN Immigrants First team won asylum for a former female Afghan Senator, school principal, and women’s rights activist who faced threats on her life from the Taliban because of her outspoken and unwavering support of Afghan women and girls. She represented the people of Afghanistan at United Nations conferences and served as their voice in their fight for equality, democracy, and social and economic progress. She tragically lost immediate family members as well as countless colleagues to the decades-long conflict in the country. However, she never lost hope for a brighter tomorrow. She now resides with her remaining family members in the U.S., continuing to advocate for justice in Afghanistan from afar and imparting her passion and knowledge onto future generations to whom she acts as the ultimate pillar of strength, humility, and compassion.

El Salvadoran Woman Wins Asylum

Morsal and the VFN Immigrants First team won asylum for a significantly traumatized Salvadoran woman who faced severe domestic violence in the form of physical, sexual, and verbal abuse at the hands of her ex-partner and the father of her child, a suspected gang member. He threatened to find her, kidnap their child, and kill her if she disobeyed his demands. She tried to report his abuse and threats to the police, who just mocked her.  She fled from Mexico with her child before seeking refuge in the United States. She now has one child who is a resident and two U.S. citizen children, all of whom can rely on their mother staying in the U.S. and supporting them financially and emotionally because of her recent asylum grant giving her lawful status.

El Salvadoran Lesbian Woman Wins Asylum

Morsal, Lisa, and the VFN Immigrants First team won asylum for a Salvadoran lesbian woman and her elderly parents who received threats from a gang member. He had signaled her out to be his girlfriend and threatened to rape her to change her sexuality. This gang member “disappeared” her brother after the brother tried to defend his sister from the gang’s continued harassment. Although nothing can replace the loss of her beloved brother, she now finds solace and comfort in being able to live freely as a lesbian woman, and she has assured her, and her parents’ are safe and secure future in the U.S.

This blog post is not intended to provide legal advice or substitute for the advice of legal counsel with respect to specific facts and situations. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.  See disclaimer