I was praying to God for help and I was led to you. I believe in miracles and today we had one. Thank you for your work and dedication to my son’s case and for keeping him in the United States.

Withholding Only Client’s Parent

I will never forget you. Thank you for all the hard work you put into my case, the hours of time we spent preparing. Thank you for being my lawyer.

Asylum Client

“I appreciate all the help from the attorney Olaun Simmons. Thanks to his help that he gave us during our judicial process where we could resolve our case in a satisfactory way. We were facing a zoning violation with Fauquier County due to not having a site plan for the property. In the process of creating the site plan for county approval there were multiple easements and deeds with other parties that had to be made and multiple court hearings to deal with since the county did not give us much of an opportunity to finish the site plan. Olaun did not put us to the side or lower our prioritization. He took our case with great care and always advised us on all possibilities. ”

Miguel Olazabal

“I’ve worked with the team at Vanderpool, Frostick & Nishanian for over seven years and have always found them to be honest and reliable. I like the fact that they are local and have deep community roots, I feel that this has benefited my business because they have the power to call in a favor in order to speed something along. Their timeliness is something I greatly appreciate. I wouldn’t hire another firm for my business, I will always go with VF&N.”

Dayna James

“First off, Bradley was very kind, empathetic, and personable. He explained the process to me and gave his opinion of what should be done and how we would achieve that goal. I followed through with his suggestions and he was spot on with his knowledge by getting my case dismissed without ever even having to go to my court date! Very effective! We are now going for expungement. I would definitely recommend Bradley for his demeanor and know-how of the legal system. Five stars.”


“Mr. Marshall was in short, amazing. I contacted him in panic off of a referral from a neighbor and within the first several minutes of our consult call, I felt at ease. My case had many administrative issues which caused delays: which was causing problems for my work. He was creative and innovative and obviously very effective in discussing with prosecutors because he was able to get my case dismissed several weeks earlier allowing me to move forward with some work. I fully recommend Mr. Marshall, and I really hope I don’t need his services again, but if I do I won’t hesitate to call.”


“When I first contacted Mr. Marshall he gave me three possible outcomes: a bad one, a good one, and an ideal one. In the end, he was able to secure the ideal outcome. Mr. Marshall was extremely proactive and took time to explore every possible avenue of action. He worked diligently to collect every detail of the case and was consistent about checking in with me to provide any updates. I never had to appear in court, and the charges were dropped. Couldn’t get much better. Thank you, Mr. Marshal.”


Thank you for meeting with us yesterday. You gave us important information so we can go forward with launching the Democratic Immigrant Caucus.

Chair of the Democratic Immigrant Caucus, Prince William County