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There are many things that can happen in a person’s background to prevent them from getting a visa or adjusting status in the United States. These events create inadmissibilities under the Immigration and Nationality Act and some grounds of inadmissibilities have waivers or pardons that can be applied for in order to waive the grounds. Our team of Virginia waivers lawyers at Immigrants First successfully handles these kinds of cases and has won many waiver cases for such inadmissibilities as: prior orders of removal, unlawful presence, fraud, crimes, smuggling, and marriage fraud.

In 2012, the provisional waiver for unlawful presence became available state-side, meaning that persons would not have to leave the United States first to have a waiver approved. These kinds of waivers are the most common and require a showing of extreme hardship to a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident spouse or parents.

Waivers may be necessary in removal proceedings, with USCIS, or with consulates. Our Virginia waivers atorneys are experienced in handling waivers in these different contexts and advising clients of the appropriate order and timing of the case when a waiver is involved. For assistance with a waiver case, contact us for a consultation.