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The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals is the federal appellate court, which handles appeals of cases denied by the BIA but that had immigration court hearings in Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. VFN Immigrants First is proud to announce that they have a team of experienced Virginia Fourth Circuit Court Appeals attorneys admitted to practice before the Fourth Circuit, which requires special admission beyond an attorney’s normal law license. Most immigration firms cannot offer assistance with these cases due to lacking this special admission.
Filing of an appeal with the Fourth Circuit is a complex process and the appeal must be filed before thirty days have elapsed from the BIA’s date of decision. An experienced immigration appellate attorney is essential to ensure compliance with the strict filing requirements and that successful legal arguments are made. Unlike hearings at the trial level, appellate practice follows different standards of review that can be difficult to comprehend. Additionally, no new testimony or evidence is introduced at this level, so it is important to correctly identify and highlight errors made by immigration judges and the BIA. Also unlike with a BIA appeal, there is no automatic stay of removal after filing a Fourth Circuit appeal and having the help of an experienced and qualified Virginia Fourth Circuit Court Appeals attorney can help you decide whether a motion for a stay of removal is in your best interest. Additionally, if the person is removed from the United States, but his or her appeal is on time and later successful, this can result in a reversal of this removal and the person can return to the United States.

Do not delay or give up the case or your appeal rights without first consulting VFN Immigrants First. We will be happy to review your case, help you decide the best legal strategy, and fight for your right to appeal to the Fourth Circuit.

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