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Municipal Law

VF&N provides advice and representation to cities, towns, and other local entities. Our municipal team serves the public interest through educating local government decision-makers about their options and advising them based on our experience. Whether routine situations or unusual problems that localities encounter, we are pleased to provide the following services:

LGA Outreach Committee Vice Chair Olaun Simmons VF&N

Municipal Law Services

  • Ordinance and Resolution Drafting
  • Employment and Labor Law including Employee Grievances
  • Finance, Budget, and Appropriation
  • Public Procurement
  • Construction Contract Drafting and Litigation
  • Airport
  • Social Services
  • Tax Assessment and Collection
  • Police, Fire and Rescue
  • Eminent Domain
  • Community Development, Planning and Zoning
  • Public Electric, Water and Sewer Utilities
  • Statutory Compliance