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Land Use, Zoning & Development

VF&N provides land use, zoning and development legal representation to businesses, real estate developers and individuals in the Northern Virginia area. We serve clients in matters ranging from regulated government real estate, home owner’s associations and deed restrictions, to zoning enforcement, deeds of subdivision and business and condominium creation. Our experienced land use team is happy to assist you with the following:


Land Use, Zoning and Development services

  • Rezoning and Variances
  • Special Use Permits and Special Exceptions
  • Subdivision and Site Plans
  • Zoning Enforcement Issues
  • Development Feasibility Studies
  • Commercial Zoning Opinion Letters
  • Zoning and Building Code Issues
  • Deeds of Subdivision, Dedication and Easement
  • Abandonment and Vacation of Rights of Way
  • Homeowner’s Association Creation and Covenant Enforcement Issues
  • Business and Industrial Condominium Creation